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Terms & Conditions

The FUBAR & SNAFU races are run in accordance with the ASSOCIATION OF RUNNING CLUBS (ARC) Rule for Trail Running

The following event rules and guidelines are intended to help ensure the safety of all participants. By entering this event participants agree to these terms and conditions and understand the risks involved in the event.

You should not participate in the event unless you are medically and physically fit to do so. Participation is at your own risk.​ Participants are responsible for their own actions while attending the event. By entering the event, you accept it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe, and understand that the event organisers, crew and medical cover may not always know your location during an event, and that it is your responsibility for ensuring we know your location if an incident occurs.


It is your responsibility to ensure you are capable, fit and well to participate. If you have started the event and feel unwell or have any issues you must stop immediately and call for assistance.  As a participant, you acknowledge that the event medical cover, event crew, marshals and emergency services may take considerable time to reach you, due to the nature of the route.

Due to the nature of the course, some of the terrain will be uneven or slippery. It is up to the participant to decide whether they will proceed on that section or not. 


All entry fees are non-refundable (except in the case of a cancelled event) and we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone declaring false information, or failing to meet the entry requirements.

Entries will close 7 days before the event or when sold out whichever is the sooner. 


Race number bibs will be posted to you, and must be worn conspicuously on the front so that they can be seen by race crew at all times during the race.  Race number bibs may not be exchanged with or transferred/ sold to any other person, unless the transfer is arranged directly with us within the transfer window which closes 7 days before the race date (unless otherwise stated by us). Running under someone else's number without the correct transfer will result in a DQ. 

Deferrals will close 14 days before the race date and we will not accept any more deferrals after this date. Deferrals will only be accepted once, ie if you have already deferred from last year to this year, you cannot defer again. Deferred entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


You must be 18 years of age or above on race day to take part in the event


Arriving at the event in good time is your responsibility and participation in the event may be denied if you don't arrive within the publicised time, therefore missing registration and/or the race briefing. Circumstances beyond our control may cause the event to be modified, or postponed. If access to the planned course is restricted for any reason an alternative route may be used.  If the event has to be postponed for any reason, we will attempt to arrange an alternative event, and you will be notified of the new date of the rearranged event.  These terms and conditions will continue to apply to the rearranged event.  A 50 % refund will be given if you do not wish to participate in the rearranged event. If the event has to be cancelled, participants will receive a refund of the event entry fee minus a 25 % deduction to cover administration costs. If you have already deferred from the previous year, a refund would not be available. 

Any personal belongings brought to an event are left entirely at your own risk - including in designated bag drop areas. You are advised to bring only necessary items and leave them securely locked in your car or in an agreed place/scenario with the event director for the duration of the event.

​We are not responsible for any third party organisations that may provide other services at the event (eg catering providers) You use these services at your own risk.

You agree to photographs and video being taken at the event and that any images may be used without cost by Badger Trail Events in any media regarding the event and to market and advertise the event or any other similar events.  Copyright in this website, its design, imagery and contents is owned wholly by Badger Trail Events.

If you retire from an event, it is your responsibility to immediately inform the event director or a member of the event crew and where possible to retire from the event at a checkpoint or water station set up for the event.


You are to abide by the rules and conditions of the event and to follow instructions issued by the event crew.  We reserve the right to remove, disqualify and ban you from current and future events for knowingly flaunting the rules, behaving in an unsporting way, being disrespectful, discourteous and rude to fellow participants, event crew, general public and defacing/littering the natural environment.

Race routes may cross or use public roads for small parts of the race route as directed by the event crew or event signage and markings. These public roads will not be closed to traffic and you agree it is your responsibility to cross, join and use safely any public road and that you do so at your own risk. The absence of warning signs or marshals does not signal there are no dangers and it’s the decision of the participant to decide whether to continue on a section or not.

Car parking of vehicles and traffic movement in car parks and crossing any roads in or near event venues is entirely the responsibility of participants.

You are responsible for recognition and understanding of event signage and symbols. These will be identified in the race instructions. 

The courses are not suitable for wheelchairs or baby joggers. 

Anyone who has been found by a course marshal, event official or surveillance equipment to have gained an unfair advantage by intentionally “cutting the course”shall be disqualified from the event.

​Mp3 players or other devices plugged into the ear are not advised whilst running for reasons of health & safety, but if you do wear one you must remove the earplugs at road crossings and when you see a marshall in order to hear any instructions. 

Canicross Specific - If you have selected the tick box when entering the race to tell us that you will be running with your dog, you agree to be bound by the following conditions.
You will need to make sure that you have public liability insurance to cover your dog for any third party damage claims. (it is usually included in most pet insurances and some household insurance). 
You should have the correct canicross equipment, eg your dog should be wearing a harness and be attached to you at all times, to a waist belt of some kind, (European guidelines state that the lines have to have a shock absorber (bungee) and should not be more than 2 metres in length when extended), A hand held lead is not permitted and you would not be allowed to run. Kit checks will be made on race day.

We also reserve the right to remove you from the race if we consider your dog to be in distress at any time. 


  • Dogs must be on restraints/leads/harness at all times.

  • Dog mess must be cleared up and TAKEN AWAY.  There are foot exercises on the training area and the MOD does not want to clear/find excrement all over the place.

  • If your dog is injured or lost, it is your responsibility. 


Canicross runners will not be eligable for any of the main 1st, 2nd, 3rd Ladies and Men's prizes. (there will be separate prizes for dog-assisted runners) 

Privacy/Use of Data

This website or any portion of this website may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without our express written consent.

​By entering any events you agree to any contact data being used by us in accordance with the Privacy Policy:


Participants personal details are not shared or disclosed by Badger Trail Events to any third parties except our timing company 'Timing Monkey' for the purposes of listing entrants, and publishing results.  Participants email addresses will be used to send information about the race you have entered. They may be also used to send a monthly update, event news or any other news about our races.  Recipients can request to be removed from the mailing list by emailing

All event entries are made online via the Race Nation site - we do not store your card details. 

In order to process your race entries we have to ask for and store some basic personal information about you. By using our online system to enter an event you consent to the collection and use of this data in the manner described. 

Data we Collect

When registering for an event we will ask each participant for their name, address, gender, date of birth, email address, telephone number & affiliated club details (where relevent). When entering an event each person may also be asked for additional information relevant to that event. The details you provide will be stored on a computer and will allow us to contact you if we have any problem processing your entry / application. The email address will be used to send out a confirmation of your online entry / application and maybe used by the event organisers or membership secretaries to send you additional event information. The telephone numbers allows us to contact you or your next of kin should you be unaccounted for after the event or if an incident occurs. 

Sharing Data

Your name, age category, gender and entry information may appear on a public list of participants for each event you enter , and will also be shown on a public results list after the event. We do not use this information for any other purpose or provide this information to any other commercial or non-commercial organisations.

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